Cutting Cakes

New to the bakery,  we are now introducing a selection of fresh cutting cakes to buy by the slice. Just the thing to perk up a cold winters afternoon , served with a nice cup of tea!

Availability of flavours varies from day to day but our recent highlights have been Lemon Drizzle, Mint Aero and Red Velvet.

If A slice or two isn't enough, you can also order our cutting cakes whole...

Choose from carrot, Coffee and Walnut, Lotus Biscuit, Red velvet, Mint Aero, Jammie Dodger, Lemon Drizzle or Apple, cinnamon and Salted Caramel.

Please give 5 days notice when ordering any of our cutting cakes. Call 01279 411774 to place your orders.  We are unable to honour changes after payment has been made. 

Apple, Cinnamon & Salted Caramel

Enjoy a sponge cake infused with cinnamon and apples covered in a thick layer of buttercream, topped off with a salted caramel drizzle 

Jammie Dodger

A victora sponge covered in a layer of buttercream, decorated with jammie dodgers and raspberries.

Lotus Biscoff

A victoria sponge sandwiched together with a layer of biscoff spread and butter cream, covered in a biscoff flavoured drizzle, topped with biscuits.

Coffee & Walnut

Enjoy this coffee and walnut sponge covered in a coffee flavoured buttercream, topped with walnuts.

Red Velvet

A chocolate sponge infused with red colouring, covered in a layer of buttercream.

Lemon Drizzle

A white sponge soaked in lemon juice and the zest of two whole lemons, covered in a lemon flavoured icing topped with lemon zest.

Carrot Cake

Enjoy this sponge infused with carrots, pecans and fruits, covered in a layer of buttercream, topped with a layer of pecans.

Mint Aero

Enjoy a chocolate sponge infused with a mint flavouring, with layers of chocolate buttercream. Topped with mint aero chocolate and dark chocolate shavings.