Sharing boxes

Please give 48 hours notice when ordering our sharing boxes. call 01279411774 to place your orders. 

Takeaway afternoon tea

With our traditional afternoon tea boxes, enjoy a selection of rolls or sandwiches, two scones with clotted cream and jam and a selection of 5 cakes and patisserie. As well as a choice of prosecco, peroni or a fruit drink. 

our roll or sandwich fillings include ham and mustard mayo, chicken salad, egg mayo, cheese and red onion chutney, salmon and cream cheese or tuna and sweetcorn, subject to availability.

We also offer a savoury afternoon tea, with a selection of rolls or sandwiches, savoury scones served with herby butter or chutney, cocktail sausage rolls  and quiche slices.

£12.50pp without drink. £16.50pp with drink included 

Chocolate Lovers

Enjoy A large bottle of Prosecco, two chocolate bombs, two chocolate filled macaroons, two mini eclairs, two chocolate heart sponge cakes and a selection of chocolate in this chocolate lovers sharing box for two 


Breakfast sharing box

Enjoy a breakfast sharing box for two! included with two small bottles of orange juice, two sausage rolls, two danish pastries, two crossaints from our choice of plain, pain au chocolate or pain au raisin, two small pots of jam and a selection of fresh fruit.